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1)Last beverage: earl grey tea

2) Last phone call:
  to my husband

3) Last text message: 
some spam from my mobile operator

4) Last song you listened to: 
Adele - Turning Tables 

5) Last time you cried:
 Saturday night from laughter


6) Dated someone twice: no

7) Been cheated on:

8) Kissed someone and regretted it:

9) Lost someone special:

10) Been depressed: yes

11) Been drunk and threw up:


light green, green and light caribbean blue 


15) Made a new friend: yep

16) Fallen out of love:

17) Laughed until you cried:
 yes (for example, Saturday, thanks to markiplier's stream).

18) Met someone who changed you:

19) Found out who your true friends are:

20) Found out someone was talking about you
: no… no one talks about me now :3

21) Kissed anyone in your FB friends list:
 I have only two fb friends xD no


22) How many people on your FB friends list do you know in real life: Both of them.

23) Do you have any pets:
 Yes. I have this sneaky cuddly bastard who sometimes even misses me. My cat. Love him so much.  

24) Do you want to change your name?:
 sometimes. Depends on the mood.

25) What did you do on your last birthday:
 I went to my parents first, then found out my friend had been driving from another city to visit me (it was a 12 hour drive O_O ). After I met him at my parents we went home and I spent a good amount of time to choose which car I’d choose >.< 

26) What time did you wake up today: 
9 or 9:30 am I didn’t look at the time

27) What were you doing at midnight last night:
 Trying to fall asleep and not read manga

28) Name something you CANNOT wait for:
 I don’t know.

29) Last time you saw your father:
 couple of weeks ago

30) What is one thing you would want to change in your life:
 I want to have enough money so I could visit people that live far from me or I could get them to visit, or buy house or apartment somewhere nearby them so I could live across the street.. something like that :3

31) What are you listening to right now: 
nothing, or I’d be distracted

32) Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: I don’t know. May be.  

33) Who is getting on your nerves right now: 

34) Most visited webpage:
 twitter, tumblr, youtube, google, my email page….

35) Blood type: O+

36) Nickname: Sheine

37) Relationship status: married 

38) Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

39) Pronouns: she/her

40) Elementary: yes

41) High school:

42) College:
 Umm… since our system is a bit different… I dropped out of university after two years because I didn’t enjoy it.

43) Hair color:
 hahahahaha! Currently is medium ash blonde.

44) Long or short: Medium

45) Height: 165 cm

46) Do you have a crush on someone:

47) What do you like about yourself: I…. I can listen…. 

48) Tattoos:
 Don’t have any now, maybe I’ll get one someday.

49) Righty or lefty: righty

50) First surgery: March 8th, 1999 

51) first piercing: I had my ears pierced when I was 4. Yes, four! I decided to do it myself, the lady who did it thought I’d cry and scream, but I didn’t and everyone was very proud of me :3

52) First best friend: When I was 13. Her name was Vera. This friendship had lasted for 3 years.

53) First sport you joined: Dancesport. I’ve stuied Ballroom dancing and latin dance.

54) First vacation: Israel. I was 15 at that moment. 

55) First pair of trainers: How do you even suppose to remember this one?!


56) Eating: nothing

57) Drinking: nothing

58) I’m about to: go shopping, because I need supplies and also some new nail stuff

60) Waiting for: Night so I can go to sleep >:3

61) Want kids: Yes. I definitely want one, but I’m not that ready now. 

62) Get married: nailed it!

63) Career: getting ready to do something I like. Not gonna say anything yet, I just want to see how it will turn out for me.


64) Lips or eyes: eyes

65) hugs or kisses:
 both :)
66) Shorter or taller:
 Taller. But I’m ok with being short, I’d be glad if I was shorter.

67) Older or younger: 
Older. I’m too boring for younger people.

68) Romantic or spontaneous:
 A nice mixture would be nice

69) Nice stomach or nice arms:
 nice butt!

70) Sensitive or loud:

71) Hook-up or relationship:
 mmmm… relationship is little better.

72) Trouble maker or hesitant:
 mix this two together, make a normal person!


73) kissed a stranger: no

74) drank hard liquor: yes

75) lost glasses/contacts: no

76) Sex on first date: no

77) Broke someone’s heart? yes

78) Had your heart broken:  yes

79) Been arrested: No

80) Turned someone down: yes

81) Cried when someone died: yes

82) Fallen for a friend: yes (and it was my best decision ever)


83) Yourself: no

84) Miracles: no

85) Love at first sight: no

86) Heaven: afterlife maybe. Not heaven.

87) Santa claus: no 

88) Kiss on the first date: yes

89) Angels: no. Except for Misha Collins ;)

90) Someone changing your life in one meet-up: yes

91) Hell: No, I don’t think so.

92) God: No. Not in the religious way.


zizgryphon, gryffinstark, sabinul, colbengton, and anyone who would like to do this. 

#Soap. Second attempt. Much better! #mint #handmade

#Soap. Second attempt. Much better! #mint #handmade




I absolutely HATE feeling like this. I get so down, sad, empty, lonely and upset. It makes me feel worthless and my mind’s a mess.
No one needs me. They’re all having fun without me. And if I’d disappear, no one would even bother to notice it.

How my anxiety and depression interact.

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